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Clients and Testimonials

Part of why I like this business is the opportunity to work with and creatively assist a number of different people with their web-based enterprises. Each is unique and, like their owners, has a distinct personality. Our approach is to act in partnership with our clients in creating and maintaining their web presence. In each case we have worked to keep their sites clean, simple to navigate, and content rich.

Each client brings their specific expertise and experience, as well as their unique dreams, desires and direction, to the design table. Our creative challenge at Vitrak Creative Services is to help you transform those into effective electronic pages. Our commitment to your success is captured in our message: "Helping you harness the creative power of your mind to maximize your message on the web."

If you are new to the adventures of the web, we will act as your guide. If you have been working on-line for awhile, we will act as your coaches and champions to help you grow your web presence and to succeed. Whether you want a simple web identity package or a full scale design, we can help.

We invite you to visit some of our clients’ sites to see examples of the diversity of design and methods to present your messages.

Accident Investigation Solutions
Accident Investigation Solutions

Associated Eviction ServicesAssociated Eviction Services

Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey
Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey Professional Speaker and Trainer

Security Speaking

Egremont Hotel and
Watermelon Patch Pub
Egremont hotel

Financially Speaking
Financially Speaking


Accredited SpeakersAccredited Speakers

Alberta Speakers
Alberta Speakers

In The Company of Leaders

Armstrong Training and Development

The Prosperous Farmer
The Prosperous Farmer

Secret Selling Tips
Secret Selling Tips

Bruno Wiskel

Regional Speakers Sites

Calgary Speakers
Edmonton Speakers
Saskatchewan Speakers
Toronto Speakers
Vancouver Speakers

Quantum Success
Quantum Success 3 Volume Success Publication

Mr V's Trees

Western Canada Microtox Users Committee
Western Canada Microtox Users Committee

Rodwell Investigative Services
Dave Rodwell, Rodwell Investigative Services

The Wealthy FarmerThe Wealthy Farmer

Legacy of LeadershipLegacy of Leadership


“Many thanks for your work on the Alberta Speakers website. You were given quite a challenge, having to deal with a wide range of pictures and descriptions for the various speakers and you were able to create a well organized, professional looking site in a very short time.”

David Saxby
Spark Communications

Make Sparks Fly! Ignite Sales and Marketing Results

"Vitrak Creative's Irene Gaudet has worked wonders for my efforts to more effectively present myself in my various businesses on the web. She has been patient in teaching me what works and in helping create the message I see in my mind in a tangible, visual format that my clients appreciate. My business has grown in no small part to her creativity, attention to detail, and concern for my visual image on the web. I am thankful for her help in my success."

Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey
Ideas At Work!

Audrey was all fired up about getting a website together and within 20 days of when we talked about it and she purchased the domain, it went live.

"Holy Macaroni! Looks Great!! Thanks.. thanks... thanks....


"I am all fired up with new energy, new inspiration, new tools. There are two reasons: 1. the business coaching I am getting from Bob "The Idea Man" Hooey 2. the website redesign I am getting from Irene "The Web Diva" Gaudet.

This is a result of the CAPS foundation's brilliant idea of creating a Mentorship Package, and the generous donation of the speakers who offered their mentorship services.

I am in the midst of implementing the suggestions I have received from these two highly skilled professionals. They are full of practical tips and solutions to the challenges and opportunities that come up in our speaking business. I am looking forward to my next coaching session, to keep me "stepping it up a notch."

Joyanne Landers

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Vitrak Creative Services
10 Creativity Corner
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Phone: 780-736-3877

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